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Twin Flame? Soulmate? I don’t believe in such nonsense!

I was skeptical of the whole “soulmate” concept for a long time. I was not one who goes around labeling every person I meet as a potential soulmate or twin flame, like I needed a “meaning” for each relationship. I dislike the women that claims “oh, I’m so in love with so-so he’s my soulmate” Then it’s like the same thing with 10 other guys. No, I was never like that. Not every person I set my eyes upon or thought of was cute or hot, do I considered a soul partner. With so many people on this planet I found it hard to believe in “the one.”

As a confession to people who don’t know me or my occupation, I will be open and honest with you, the reader from the start. If you are closed minded, you will probably start having negative judgments against me. I’ve been an exotic dancer for over 20 years, at the time of this writing. I have encountered many walks of life in the clubs. I worked in both large clubs and small ones. I have spoken to many people, looked into their eyes, sat in laps, and heard all the lines. I have met rich men, poor men, other celebrities and the average Joe. I can’t say I would have called any of them Soulmates. There are people I get along with and people that we have a clash in personalities. I still have my issues with calling someone a soulmate.

With that being said, when I was approached about being a twin flame, “the one” to a particular person who also has a huge amount of world fame attached to his name, something inside me ‘clicked’ and I began this journey. Even though he was famous, it felt right. I felt all of this energy and energy centers called chakras that I never felt before in the past even though I took a spiritual “new age-y” path before and have done Yoga and meditation. What was I feeling? Who cares, I feel great!


A twin Soul is said to be one Soul in Two different bodies. Each person is a whole in themselves. This is because we each hold a different energy of the one Soul. Each whole Soul is made of both masculine and feminine energy. The sex of the body doesn’t matter, it’s the energy of the person. You can have a male body but their energy is more feminine vise versa So, you can have a Twin couple who are both with a male body or female bodies.

Why did the Soul spit in two different bodies? Earth is a duality. You can’t have one thing without its opposite. We broke apart to experience each half as a whole. There have been many stories written about the splitting of the Soul. A popular story that has gotten a little mistranslated or many interpretations is the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible. Religion has taught this as original sin. This is more about the Souls at the time that chose to split apart and live in separate bodies. The sin becomes a blessing.

With reincarnation, Twin Souls don’t always live in the same lifetime together. It’s been rare that they even meet. Even more rare to actually share a life together because the energy felt between them is very intense. Now that we have the internet, Twin Souls/Flames meeting each other is easier. One Soul could be on the other side of the world, now, they can find each other with social media.

A Twin Soul is two separate bodies living two separate lives. Many things in their lives parallel each other. Money and fame doesn’t matter. For a soul, richness and popularity is obsolete. They will still mirror each other. This is what they are. A true Twin Soul is your reflection. When you meet and make eye contact, it’s like looking into a mirror. But the mirror isn’t you, it’s you in another body, in another form. The true test is seeing in the eyes. It’s also like a parallel universe only, living together during the same lifetime.


After a while, I finally decided to document my life, experiences, any mirrors, ‘coincidences’ and synchronizing in our lives that I can find during our physical separation. As I write this, I am at the ripe young age of 40 (2016). It’s been one year since I began. This story is of my journey. Everyone has a unique story, and this is our, my twin Soul and mine story.

After I began my awareness of being a Twin Flame, It just all clicked and made so much sense even though, I knew very little about it at the time. I first heard of the term, Twin Flame through the books written by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. I already began a spiritual journey when I first read the book, Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch, many years ago. You could call it my foundation that sparked me more into “spirituality” that wasn’t religious. I’ve read many other books on spirituality but never about romantic love. I simply could not phantom about how there is ONE perfect person for me in this world with over 7 billion people. On top of that, my job has made me so jaded towards romance or fairy tale love stories, or I thought it was my job. Maybe it was because I was a Twin Flame that made me independent and jaded. It sounded right to me because what else could my “thing” be?

I had a happy family life as a child growing up. As I write this, my parents celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary. 51 years together! For me to be with someone longer then 2 years is an accomplishment. For me to hold an interest in being with someone in a relationship is wonderful. What else is a miracle for me is to find someone that is interested in me as I would be in them. I always seemed to attract unrequited romantic love interest. It went both ways. Guys who share an interest in me and I’m not interested in them romantically. In my opinion I’d rather stay single and that I did for my entire 20s. Most of it was my own choice in staying single. (Or was it?) Other times, it was unrequited love and the disappointment lonely feelings that accompanied it.

Fast forward to this moment where I now travel this Twin Soul journey, I now believe there may well be “the one” because I feel so indifferent about being in a relationship with anyone else. I have a lack of interest in pursuing romantic relationships, in general. I do not go out of my way to pursue them. I have also tried online dating sites in the past. I’m just not captivated by it. I’m not drawn to it. It felt more like a chore. It was uninteresting. Boring. . . Or it could it all possibly be because I unconsciously knew of my connection with my twin, whom is embodied in this lifetime with me, and I already knew who he was? I already found what I was looking for.

I still haven’t been with my twin physically (2017) but I hear it’s unlike any other. The energy is very intense. As time moves forward and my journey continues, I hope to have this updated and reach physical union.


To start with, and cut straight to who my Twin Flame is, his name is William Patrick Corgan. He has become a celebrity with his band the Smashing Pumpkins and has become a household name with his music. Having a celebrity Twin Flame isn’t the most pleasant experience when the other Flame is a non celebrity, but it is an amazing experience in itself. Being a Twin Flame of a celebrity can produce much hatred, jealousy and negativity thrown at the non celebrity Twin Flame by super fans or other people in general if they come out and declare this. You will be regarded as disillusioned, crazy and obsessed. People online will attack you because they most likely have nothing better to do with their lives. Once you step into your truth of who you really are, there’s really no going back.

I was already a fan of the Smashing Pumpkins when I also found myself beginning a spiritual journey. Finding your twin also brings you back to God, no matter how far or how atheists one becomes. Unconsciously, my Twin helped brought me back to God, well, a more spiritual God. I was raised Roman Catholic and I was pulling away from religion and started a spiritual path with God about the same time I found my beloved. I would not make this connection in my mind until I started this Twin Flame path, much later in life. I wrote an entire article titled YES, YOUR TWIN FLAME CAN BE A CELEBRITY, with more information.

This image was made by an online Twin Flame friend.

THIS BLOG (2018)

When I began this blog, I started with making this a book format but I also ended up with other thoughts of my day to day journey and messed up my format. I have since decide to move everything that was in chapters and create a second blog just for the original book formatted idea. I have deleted the chapters here. In observation of the stats of this blog, I found too many people didn’t want to scroll to the bottom and find the book portion, they only viewed the items on the top portion.

To see the new formatted book blog go to My Twin Flame Journey with Billy Corgan

Any updates to the chapters will be updated there. This blog is now just my daily rants, thoughts and other babbles.

Don’t forget to also check out my Mirrors Through Photography blog.

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