Don’t worry my dear Superfans of my beloved that want to hate on me, because you want to keep him in a sad state for your foolish pride and self hatred. I can find me in each of those songs you think you have chosen to avoid me and had him create a show for y’all. I’m sorry, but, you can’t. And I don’t think I need to waste my time with yours and his vanity ego to please the masses with any of them. Maybe I’ll start just for kicks and giggles because, I’m just saying….. because, Mary’s not a stupid girl.

I don’t know if this was a challenge or not, but I can start something.

I dont think it’s something I want to do. Go through the entire catalog? Good Lord. Well, if I have nothing else to do, I might work on it. I’ll just a few of these.

X.Y.U. – Mary had a little lamb. Yes, I loved sheep as a child. I had quite a few stuff lambs. Especially Grayee. I still have her. She’s here. She’s a unique lamb with floppy ears. I figured I had her since I was 7. It was Easter. I remember being in the store with my mom and said I wanted her. I couldn’t have her until Easter. It was Easter time when they were on display. It’s a girl because of the pink nose. Many of times, people would mistakenly call her a boy, a him or he. I would say, it’s a girl! See the pink nose!

Mary has a problem because Billy Corgan is her twin flame, at least, he considers himself a problem. But look, this Mary somehow always loved the outcast black sheep.

Silverfuck – he hears what I want and he feels that way. (Union). I was/is ofcourse physically younger than he. But a little too young when this song came out. “And she was my lover so sweet And she was my angel What I’ve recovered of me I put into a box underneath my bed.” we can, like disarm, see this as a bitter male to being apart from his counterpart. so now he has to go around and silver fuck every person becomes he didnt know where i was nor had any patience. When all along i was within but he was too focus on external.



One and All

Quiet – Quiet people. Don’t wake Billy up from his deep sleep of this illusionary world. His pride loves all that fake ass shit. But, he needs a little bit of hope.




Marquis in Spades – well, I never read Marquis De Sade and some ideas people have about the song, someone on songmeangs wrote “As you can see Marquis is in the title and also is about rape or taking a girl virginity to humiliate them”. this is parallel with my timeline. My first boyfriend I was with for 2 years (too long, as I will comment ever since) and I did find out he raped a friend of mine after we broke up and I believed her because there were a few times he forced sex on me. He was my first. It wasn’t in a car though. But, like usual, there’s more parallels within the song, but I’m not getting into right now, just throwing out some stuff. The question to bring up is, did Billy rape a woman? He is now, “one of them”. As we can see even with a song title Thirty-Three, meaning Free-Masons.

Mirrors/Parallels can become creepy as hell.


I really don’t want to get into the newer songs because things were deliberate and some may have been because everyone was being controlled or blackmailed. For example, “if you don’t write a song about me, I’m taking you for all you have” type of shit that he gotten himself into. And it’s after the realization of “the real deal” of us so, many things can become ego/pride based rather than unconscious song writings. I gave some example already on the songs on my mirror blog called In Plain Song, indeed, based on that tour of his in 2016.

I really should reorganize that page and into albums. Then the timeline can show up through the songs as well. Many are linear, some aren’t, but the ones I’ve showed so far are linear minus a few.

Looks like I’ve rearranged them all so it looks nice and organized!!!

Can’t believe I didn’t make one for Solara. I wrote an entire chapter but I didn’t make the collage. Probably because I went into so much detail. I’ll try to only have a little.

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