CHLOE! I think I found your twin! By accident!!!!

Well, I changed the title to this post! So, let’s begin….. bare with me as I made errors until I realized what I was looking at!

Read to the bottom of page. A surprise!

I went digging a little more. Josh sun is Pisces like my honey and his moon is Aquarius like me! Sun and moon! He use to have hair and I seen some pictures. Hmmm. Josh keep the bald head buddy, thanks. And in Celtic tree horoscope he’s a Pine Tree! Oh wow! That’s me, Jersey Pine Barrens. A Piney. He’s a pig in Chinese. And I Found out that this man was actually voted as sexist man alive? Well, I totally missed him. But it seemed that I did before think if I gotten more involved with TV that I wanted to work for the Discovery Channel or National Geographic. And here, he did. Perhaps he’s a fragmentation of us. Here’s one article found

NY Magazine

I still think Billy should have been on it. But oh well. Not everyone has my exquisite taste, but that’s ok. I don’t mind. But look at this: his father died of a heart attack when he was 15. My father almost died but didn’t when he was 42. I was 14 and 15 when he had another a year later. Now, isn’t that something. He also has a identical twin brother named Andrew.

But, he had a book published around the same time I won the award for my song. Digging for the truth, kind of what I’m doing with all these damn mirrors.

But, I don’t think I get that same feeling or knowing though.

If I gotten to know him more I might find more besides his bald head and Sun sign to match WPC.

Oren? Ok. I had to look it up. And wait. Isn’t Billy an ash tree in Celtic? Now I need to check this again. There is our match there as well!

Oh. Yes he is!

Oh. I’m a Ivy.

He might be a sibling. I think he’s a spirit sibling, because our fathers had heart attacks and we were about the same age when it happened, but his father passed away. RIP sir.

I love my methods! Guess I’m happy I developed them. Bitch you can’t fool me! No near or fakes will disturb me.


Is this the same guy or someone with the same name? I’m looking at noses here…….

Ok Josh. Keep that head clean shaven. I like it better.

Please bear with me with this. Because when I looked at the wiki early one, there’s no image. Josh Bernstein wiki Here’s a screenshot just in case a image is added later on.

Well, this one says NJ. Another sign….
Medical report with Dr Bill. Sounds good to me. Dr Billy in the house! Now where is that picture at?

Honey! I don’t know if this is the same person. He could have had a tan while exploring the world and now doesn’t because he now does YouTube videos! He lost his hair, like you! So, I don’t know. I was not much of a fan and never heard of the name until this year. Is this the same person? Well, we have syncs with both anyway! And wow, I have syncs with that other one I never knew existed and was trying to find out about the one from YouTube. Don’t worry. I still favor you!

This guy has brown eyes. Maybe the other one isn’t a Pisces after all. This one has him born in NYC. The other said NJ. So……

Apparently he has brown eyes too…

So, um. Thanks Josh. I just learned about another Josh that I have quite some syncs with. Glad I’m not saying RIP to you about your father that you lost.

Maybe I’m supposed to like guys with hair again….

Josh Bernstein Promo

And doesn’t like to be compared to Indiana Jones. Hahaha.

His initials are JOB. Hilarious! = Jobs Lane.

I think his smile is more like the Robin/Chloe smile. It’s not like me and Billys. I was trying to find ears and hands but I guess this will do. The syncs aren’t crazy like me and Billy so there’s that. I’m wondering if he’s gay now.

Chloe. Take this guy! Can I play match maker for you? Grab this sexiest man alive! Go cave diving and stuff. Just watched an interview where he spoke about education kids so, he might be a good fit. He’s good with kids. I just seen a green screen video of him. Might be a great influence on your children.

Here’s the video link.

On Green screen


Unless he’s gay then yeah, he’s like me that he prefers men.

Everybody just became symbolic for me and how they line up to bridge me and Billy together!

Found Dr Bill.

I wonder how much interest I’ll have in this man and if I can gather more information so I can run mirrors with him and compare them!

I can’t stand people and their mind games. And here I had to get them with this man. I don’t even want to use them for sex.

I can’t wait until I stop posting and really be off social media. I mean, I’m not even logging in on IG. I’m doing good.

So I decided to log in on IG and check it for a few minutes after a few days. Then I deleted the app again. I have t been on FB even longer. It’s probably like that now with IG. Ha! Any wonder they are same company now.

Took out some time and updated the links in my book blog. I know when you scroll to the very bottom there is a next and previous buttons but I created my own at the bottom of where the page ends, because some people might not scroll all the way to the bottom nor even notice it. At least there’s 2 options now. I do need to go through the entire blog though for edits and updates and other added media.

Oh my! Look at this!

Amazing! And least not forget the book Digging for the truth mirrors my song True Soul Love when I won the award. I’m digging for the truth. I think he has mirrors that bridge all 3 of us. He’s Jewish (Chloe) smile (Chloe) a biological twin. Sun Pisces (Billy). Mirrors I mentioned with me. And least not for get CWG!

The media website he has… looks nice but sucks and seems abandoned….. like mine. Chanupa

His one page website with resume etc, like the image I just posted Josh Bernstein

As of right now, he seems to have more of me. But need more digging! It’s like, what do we know about his TWIN


I think this is Andrew. I mean, as above, I could have made a mistake. NYT Andrew wedding 2012


I mean his brother was 41 and his wife was 29. If you were to marry you could match his brother by 10 years. Him at 51 and you 29! I’m not doing the math. You do the math!

His birthday is February 24, Kurt is February 20. But his day of birth is that of Kurt and Courtney wedding day, Twi days before my parents five year wedding anniversary. I think I picked up on him as well over the years. I think this day is one of the Steve’s birthdays that I was with. They were both Pisces and I think one day of each other, the 23 and 24. I’m not looking right now.

He bridges all of us. You, me and Billy! You do your research now. Have your people call his people and come up with a contract.

Unless I’m supposed to take him for myself because you took mine! I don’t know if I could ever do that though. It’s been five years so I’m not jumping into bed with anyone.

Chloe is right smacked in the midst of her SATURN return. And here, I found her Twin Flame!

I think it was meant for us to have the mirrors that we do so I can find him for her and/or her for him.

His eyes are more like Chloe than his twin brother. Probably all that sun squinting from archeological tours. I don’t know, sounded good. But his are more of an Asian slant and his brother is more open.

I find many people with this type of smile don’t like to smile. I think it’s inner insecurities because if they smile too BIG, the top gums will be exposed and it’s not pleasing to the eye of the media and glamorous world. Me and Billy can show big smiles, perhaps called the perfect picture smile, while these people tend to want to go in resting bitch face. That’s my observation anyway.

The best I can do!

You’re welcome. Happy New Year.

I am going to extend this post longer and add the other post that I created into one post.

Screen capture of date and times:


Oh boy. This man is jackpot! 

I’m getting Pablo vibes of personality.

His Step father was named George. He likes watches. this is an interesting interview Josh on Watches

This man is fashionable. Green is one of his favorite colors! Time is never time at all.

I think he’s soul family. My fathers father had a brother George. I think his family is all over the Berlin Market. They have/had (I don’t know anything currently) stores in there. There’s even the Hyndman Arcade that I knew back from Aunt Kathleen(? Spelling) and it’s still there, the sign and all. My father also had 2 uncles that died of heart attacks. This might be symbolic that’s he’s spirit family.

Trying to get ear shots but his damn hair! Lol

Talks about diving and I’m like, I can’t even swim! Hahaha but I’m diving into these damn mirrors!

His advise on travel is how I totally live my life. I hate tourist crap. My biological family totally be like tourist whenever we went anywhere. When I travel on my own, I don’t do any of it. I take public transportation and walk around. My parents would never travel like me.

The metal in his left leg. I wonder if Chloe knows of anyone. But I recall my first ex, Toms mother, Dolly, had metal in one of her legs and was disabled because of it. She moved around slow. This man walks around well it seems. 

The 30 Days video of Chloe and Billy speaks to me of her archeological Twin. That is the vibe I felt watching this man descending down a cave and them entering a cave. 

I felt all emotional at one point after watching some of these. I feel as if I felt all of us then. That I found him! It was exciting and felt like a true reunion of souls. Amazing I found him during the full moon. And at the end of the year. 

This is one image I saved and close to seeing the ear. I can tell it doesn’t resemble mine when I zoomed in.

There’s a image somewhere that I have of Billy holding his guitar and looking down the fret board that I have somewhere and this reminded me of that. And is that a spider? Makes perfect sense with Billy and some of his song lyrics.

Because my Twin Flame is with his Twin Flame, I believe it makes perfect sense that we could work well together. If both of ours are perfectly happy being sad, I would think we could go in the opposite direction of them, because of that opposition thing with one twin and the other twin. I think with this set up, this would be the best match for me. As long as out Twins stay together in theory, me and him will work together. Now, I never said about permanence but for each of us to help heal each other. I mean, as it’s stated that our true happinesses with our beloved but if one aspect rejects the other, wouldn’t it make sense to find the other aspect that the other has chosen to be with that many call “karmic”? This man would be perfect fit to help with that book idea I have for twin flame topic. If not a romantic relationship, I wonder if we could be on a friendship level. 

I’m starting to think, the people who say they don’t resemble their twin flame might be because they are actually with the twin flame of the karmic their real twin flame is with. They probably share many synchronicities as well. I seem to share more with him than Bill. I still expect all 3 of us to share many with him, Chloe should she showing way more though. But if her and Billy are happy being in their trauma bond, I feel we would be opposite because that’s karma baby when you reject your divine counterpart or play narcissistic head games. Judgement is served. We can reject them and let them sink into misery. We can ascend together. And the face he listed CWG as one of his favorite books is a major plus in my book.

Him and Billy syncs probably shouldn’t count. But they sync for me and her with him. I will try and be mindful of only syncs between me and him. But for many people who can’t see the world view and haven’t known their true twin, they wouldn’t know. “I have many syncs with mine and the energy but we don’t look alike”. Well, this will explain that and there’s nothing wrong with it. This might be what we call a near twin. You WILL work very well for each other. It may well be possible that your Twin isn’t on this earth plane or the fact you feel such emotions and pull may be because your Twin is actually trauma bonded to your partners Twin Flame and that’s why you work for each other. The energy drew you together with this person. You could be the higher frequency Twin, both of you and that’s why you can ascend with them most likely to an extent. Because you belong to another. The trauma bonded pairing of your Twin and their Twin is what bring you both together. 

But not everyone is fortunate to see the global viewing of Twin Flames like I’m doing. So, that person could also be a representative of who their Twin Flame, karmic twin flame is. Makes sense?

And because I also have been getting the Pablo vibe from him, if we would also end up like that situation. With Pablo, I didn’t express an interest in him at all in the beginning. Over time during school, I gotten to know him a little more and I thought, well, he doesn’t seem that bad of a person. So, I grew to like him. It was just a weird situation. So, this could also be that! But because he’s twin flame of my twin flame karmic, I would think we would go along better than me and Pablo and probably them as well. But because I know better, it’s just better to not mix that sex energy. We would probably be the ones handling the exchange of their children so we will eventually be more like friends. So I don’t think I want to go that route after all that I just mentioned.


Check this video out! Billy. And Belgium. Moon. Bald man. 😂

Josh and Blue Moon. 

Could be me too! I mean I work in bars and clubs and plenty of beer drinkers but…. I don’t drink. This man likes his beer. 

The other Josh is reverse. Isn’t Billy a trump supporter? This goes with bday buddies and doppelgänger syncs and mirrors

There’s a Josh Bernstein in Grand Theft Auto

Grand theft Auto

My Stepson, Billy loved this game. Of course he never played it like it was meant to be. He would just drive it around and stuff. I’m aware there is adult content in it, but I don’t think it phased him one or even knew bit the way he was playing. I never knew any of the characters. He never went deep into it so, I can’t tell you if I remember any names or if I seen any.

Perhaps this is a sync as well for me. I’m not doing anything what people tell me with this twin flame journey. Just doing my own thing, 

Digging for the True

Sorry person, he was NOT my simply Irresistible 

I can’t recall. But there’s a possibility that I gave Pablo a copy of CWG. this would be about 2005. I wonder when he found the book. 🤔

Well, we all know, after all said and done, he’ll just be one of those flings for me anyway because my heart won’t let it go beyond infatuation. And those things don’t last long for me anyway. Even mental. It’s like, ok, I seen some of these videos of the pretty boy. I don’t feel the same like with WPC. Where’s my tall bald headed beast?

He’s an extremist. A G4 you say. I still have my Power PC G4…. in storage…..

Started this post at 1237. CHLOE TWIN FLAME SERIES part 4

Another one of those YouTubes recommended videos because now it knows I’m seeking out videos of this dude. This video happens to be at 33 seconds. 

Into the Unknown Intro

Yeah, I went into the unknown and found you. I probably should be seeking out this series now. These things are just mind boggling to me and hey, takes my focus off of WPC, to a degree. I hope Chloe is now actively into him, yeah, I keep getting Pablo vibes with him. Pablo actually can play the piano and drums. And he was fashionable. The one sync when I look back it that he liked Kenneth Cole clothing. KC = Kimberly Corgan 😉 

I know he had a brother. Back then his brother was living in NYC. I never met the guy. I don’t know his name, Their family was well off from Colombia. I can’t remember too much. It would have been great if I had a dairy. I wonder if he’s in any of the footage from when we we shot my music video. I think he was 5’6. On the shorter side anyway. Josh is 5 11. I need to relook at that one project from class. I can’t remember if this one commercial if we were in it or if I have a copy. But I need a method to get my stuff off of tape and hope the footages are ok. Silly me should have digitized everything after I finished school because I was still able to have access to all the labs but I was also doing my internship with the school district so I was t exactly thinking of all of this at the time. Perhaps hoping to be hired but when it came time for that interview I failed it because basically, my hearing. 

One of those happy Birthday Josh fan videos

I couldn’t even watch all of it! I guess that’s good for Billy. 

I know I’m supposed to be open to options and I’m really trying. If this is the way I’m supposed to go. Probably like with Pablo, he has to grow on me. And I’m trying. 


I’m thinking about my cousin Kristopher and that beer video. He makes his own beer and won awards. And guess where he lives at now? Indiana. 

Mr. Indiana Jones. This could point to he is a close family though. Spiritually related. 

I can’t drink beer. It makes me feel sick. As in I’ll puke right away feeling. I was able to a few times, but I was already pissed drunk. When I did that I probably did puke later. I hate that feeling anyway. I can never understand it and I’ve tried. I’d rather stay sober. Makes no sense to me to impair my mind with substance. 

Extreme Television Archaeology 

“I wish I wish, I could fly. I will I will tryyyyy….”

From the song Drown
He’s an extremist. A G4 you say. I still have my Power PC G4…. in storage…..

The path of Least resistance. Maybe Josh is that path.🤔

“Release blocks. Blah blah blah. Buy this healing session Blah blah blah” yeah, well, maybe there’s blocks for a reason. . . I follow the path of least resistance.

Giving me vibes of a classmate. Most likely similar personalities. I gave him a copy of that book. I want adventure. Maybe I’m supposed to work with him. 

Learning more. I should start a list and see what this is. He’s straight. So, well, that’s good to hear,

Now this makes sense. Their parents divorced when they were 5. Augustus is currently 5.
Wyoming – Cheyenne, my stage name, the capitol.
Considered Rabbinical School similar to me.
Peggy Kim. Some people don’t like the name Margaret and will use Peggy as a Nick name. My friend Michelle mom used Peggy.
Hmmm, I guess he was into Courtney types as well? And now he need a petite half Asian female. Great. She can have issues of not being the type! Hey Mr Bernstein, Courtney is Jewish. Go date her for a while! I mean, at this stage, why not? Courtney (Love) Harrison.
More about his ex wife, Lily. Take note her father in named James. Hey there Mr. Iha!

I guess I’m learning how common of a name Josh Bernstein is. Here’s a beer guy and our guy Josh likes bear. II wonder if Josh supports Josh.

JOB likes cigars

Cigars are nasty! Here he talks about Organic food, the environment and yet smoking these nasty things

Josh and Andy J & A. My children Julian and Anastasia. And they named their son Augustus Juppiter.

Both WPC and JOB had short marriages to women that worked in the museum world.

Chanupa Media = Chloe Mendel the CH and ME 

DJ parties. Yeah. Billy Corgan likes to DJ at his tea house. And I dance so I need DJs for music.

This man is IT. The IT man. Lol

I think his higher self is happy that I found him. Someone at work was wearing a sweater that had the letters BOSS on it as I have been in deep research on this man.

I’m thinking this is what some people are calling a Twin Ray. Or Near Twin. But I hate the stupid labels. I’m thinking soul family, a soul cousin. So, someone saying Near Twin, is a soul cousin. You don’t have sex with your cousin! You COULD but no. I know, in history people did but we learned that’s a no. 

Interesting I just came across this again today. I mean, it’s only been a week. And I opened my one drawer and found a magazine cover that I saved for my old address before I moved to my kids fathers house. I threw out all the magazines and I saved the one page because of Billy being in the magazine. Not this particular issue but another. But I also saved 3 magazine covers to remember when I moved to Bills. Interesting cover I saved. I got them because Bill got me to buy them from his son for his school. Of course this mother here now throws out those damn things the school sends. And who knows, maybe I did make a post on here about it, but I’m not looking. One of ya’ll superfans can 😂

Here. I found the cover.

Billy is all over me, directly. This one I’m thinking cousin, if I can find someone’s address with 224 on it. I mean Billy bday is on Bills address and even on my debt card. He’s just all over when I say all over, he is all over. My hometown. The father of my children. I’m seeing cousin with this man. Soul family because a few things. My grandfather brother and my fathers 2 uncles. This is where I’m coming up with this. And Billy is having incest with a soul cousin. Ugh! 

No wonder I don’t feel so drawn to Josh. It’s in a I don’t feel drawn to you in a merging type of way. He’s a cousin! Not blood but spiritual! I mean I don’t feel that merging thing. I wasn’t in that sexual energy either with WPC but there was more of a draw . I think it’s a merging is the correct word. 

Well, found a ear.

Looks like Josh gets the last laugh

Seeking validation from Spirit. CHLOE TWIN FLAME SERIES part 5

Seeking out validation when it presents itself. I stopped at a light and I noticed the tag in front. 67 birth year and 79 our numerology numbers together. I actually took a shot of it.

Later when I came out of Best Buy since I somehow lost my phone charger, I noticed a license plate walking back to my car. But I wasn’t taking a picture. It had C71. Chloe? And year of Josh’s birth? I definitely need more to know for certain but I’m making notes. 

Started working more on the physical characteristics. Sometimes it’s hard to say especially with hands. I’m seeking out Josh’s fingers being together to see length etc. palm lines is hard when not in person so I’m trying to find other characteristics. Palm shape itself etc. Ears too!

Everybody has an opinion of what each hand means and it seems I’m working on my own.

Well, theres horseshit right there with the deep and high male voices.
This is all LIES right here, i just asked 6 girls I worked with and only one had a longer index finger. She feels she can be both feminine and masculine. And one girl said she don’t feel more masculine. This a load of bullshit right here.

It seems my other confirmation was the basketball game that was on Tv at work. I believe it was collage. The one team colors were Green and Orange and the court that a letter U with green on the one side and Orange on the other. Sounds like Union to me. 

Ok. So I learned it was the University of Miami. Awesome colors Miami! Ah. Bills younger sister went to school down there. Some drama happened. Well, that’s another story not being told by me. 

Found my phone charger. It was in my work bag.

Well, this may the end for now. It’s January 6. Let’s hope for the best. The highest outcome. No war. And let’s send positive vibes and thoughts to our newly found soul member. Josh lives in DC. Stay safe. But we know he’s an extremist and can probably take care of himself. Maybe he’s on tour! 

I’ve learned from IG that’s he’s still alive and well. And as I suspected, a democratic. I hate politics. Doesn’t matter what name they call themselves. If I felt both, then that could also be why I chose Independent. Bill is Republican, FYI. 

I feel my JOB here is done. 

Josh is now a part of the Tribe of Kim. I expect and know that the Universe shall keep him safe. And so it is. Blessed Be. Aho. Shalom. Amen. 


Holy Crap! Martha! there it is! He’s a spiritual cousin!!! This would be Billys side! Step father George? I need to rewatch that video and make sure I heard it correctly. Hey cousin!

It was almost like it was placed there for me to find! He’d knew Lol

Don’t forget. Twin Flames are one soul in two bodies. On a spiritual level I don’t think it’s broken down like on a human level. He’s a spiritual cousin. Soul family. 

Yes he said George. And I asked my father about Uncle George. He said Uncle Fran, Uncle George his father then aunt Kathleen died in that order. Fran was the one with the arcade in Berlin Market. George had a trucking refrigeration business and delivered vegetables. I told him I remembered driving by a Hyndman truck and they are from Canada. He said it’s possible that it could be them. He had a bunch of kids. Fran and George died of heart attacks. Fran was younger and George was a little older.

This gold mine of synchronicities with this man! I hope Chloe finds hers! What I want is to find something about September 1992 that shows his unconsciousness of knowing of her birth because of age gap. With Mansons twin, we seems to also found conception. This man isn’t music so I don’t know how to find these things with him.

I Have a Chart! CHLOE TWIN FLAME SERIES part 6

I have Josh’s book. I believe his brother is 3 minutes after. He doesn’t actually right out say the date and times, it’s in a story format and one must the seek and find. Doctors told his mother if he were born second, he wouldn’t be alive telling his life story.

So, due date was April 7. Would be Aries ♈️ More of the 3 and 4s. Billy Corgan is a 34/7 in numerology. Here Josh was born 4lbs 3 ounces.

Both WPC and JOB born in the 17th hour, 5pm. Bill don’t know a time, he just says early morning so, definitely not 5pm. 

What a curve ball I was presented. I only just begun his book. I guess he could sound like me. 

What I started thinking was 3s. I’m one of 3, full siblings. Bill is one of 3 siblings. WPC is one of 3 sibling, the youngest is a half sibling the 2 are full blooded. Josh is/was one of 3 siblings, two full blooded one was half but died at age 3. I still count as 3 though. WPC were all males. Josh family was 2 males and one female. Bill family is two females one male. My family, two males one female. The oddball ones are Melodie and Chloe. (Yeah, both names end in “E”) Bill says he thinks she has one brother. I’m pretty sure Chloe has one full brother and some half siblings??? But the 4 of us out of 6 are a part of 3 siblings. Also, Bill is 13 years older than his younger sister. He’s also 13 months younger his oldest sister. And if you look up, depending on what source, some would call them Irish Twins. 

With the 3 of the males I’m seeing a Triad. 

I’m intrigued with the amount I find with Josh as well. I only just started his book and now I have a chart. Ooooh Baby (YouTube Ralph. I haven’t been watching his videos though) 

He’s being vulnerable and open in his book. Like me with my online blogs. I hope to read more into him. Probably should continue any more findings on this one post instead of having a part 7, 8, 9, etc.

I keep going back and forth with the Trimurti idea from Hinduism. A triad, between the 3 males, Bill, Billy, and Josh. I feel this would be it though, if a representation with the triad.

Made his own buck skin vest. There’s another sync for Chloe. And a Native American type of thing. My children’s father has Native American in him, as also his Twin, Melodie. My long standing stage name, Cheyenne.

This is amazing! 

He began what he called “TV show boot camp” in 2004 Philadelphia, while I was still in school in 2004 in Philadelphia getting my degree in Digital Media Productions. He worked with key people from JWM Productions that produced Digging for the Truth (DFT for short). And the two executive producers of the company, which the name is from were named Jason and William Morgan. Hahahahaha William Morgan stayed back in the office. That would be Billy. Hahahaha 

I kid you not! See for yourself!!!!


Started feeling a bit down today and i rarely look at my email and I would see this:

Mirrored WPC birthday. 5+6=11

It seems the energy between Chloe and Billy could be found here:

This was during Virgo season 2005. He first dated this August 25, 2005. Last date in this chapter September 7, 2005. 

In Jewish customs this would be Chloe Bat Mitzvah (age 13). He was doing a show about the Queen of Sheba. The government there was giving them some issues about them might go on claiming that she was Jewish. It’s interesting and most definitely a sync for them both. I found Joshs Queen of Sheba. I also graduated from collage at this time.

There’s a question to ask Chloe, about this time for her, if she went through with the Bat Mitzvah. If there was any situation that happened that could sync with production.

Interesting he did a show about Cleopatra after this one before December 2005, same year. Cleopatra Chloe. CLEO CLOE. Yeah. I wonder when that story is dated. It’s not in the book. I briefly tried to look it up, can’t find production date as of yet.


Josh hasn’t been showing up recently in my feed. But I see this, wondering if it’s his higher self thanking me. You’re welcome Josh. We both digging for Truth, huh?

By the way, Happy Birthday Josh! I gift to you, your beloved.

Awe look. Even more rare on this account. It might be because of American Spy Fox videos that I have watched. Seems legit to post…. lol

Awe. Hi honey. You seem happy here. Are you happy today? I hope you are. I know it’s Josh’s birthday, but you seem happy here. That spy fox video and all those comments, huh? Anyway, I hope you’re happy today. you seem so here. I’ll take it as a confirmation from your higher self.

To put all of Josh content in one place, I copied and pasted this next section from the next post. I’ll probably delete it from that next post. I have thought about compiling everything into one. I’d rather do it with both Chloe and Josh’s permission and I’ll go into my book blog. Or maybe I’ll put it in my Mirrors page. I haven’t decided yet. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

I don’t know Chloe actual birthday but I found this. I’m thinking 8 9 or 10 maybe 11th one of those days. Here he’s all point like, I’m right here baby. 😂


It’s like he’s saying, if you let go baby girl, I’m your gift from the divine.

Here’s another article Josh 2

Well, here you have it! All of Josh’s post I made in one single post.

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